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Thursday, June 10, 2010

So today is Hello Thursday and the official launch of the 24 new Lite carts from PC available exclusivly to Wal-Mart. Now on PC's website it says that the carts won't be available until July 1st. I spoke to the dept manager at my local wally world and she hasn't heard anything yet about new carts....BUT...she did say that they are very close to getting rid of the last of their fabric supply and it will strictly be a crafting section. So she isn't surprised PC has created a Wal-Mart only line of carts. So never fear canucks, we will have access to the carts through our stores, just not sure when. She did say that the carts they have in stock are currently on roll back for $67-$69 right now. Might be a good time to go take a look. I am going to attempt to post a bunch of pics of some of the new Lite carts. Enjoy! Which ones will YOU be getting?!?!


  1. thanks for showing these new lite carts - now I need to add some to my wish list!
    Doris :)

  2. You are very welcome ladies, that is only half of what has been released but I am very excited and hopeful that those of us in Canada will have a chance to get our hands on them too. Lol.

  3. I've bought four so far but want around 20 more! LOL!