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Friday, December 2, 2011

Tim Holtz, christmas tag #2

Well, once again it has been forever since I made a post on here. Not really a big deal since I don't have a boat load of followers but I still feel kind of guilty. This is my first attempt at trying to do one of the tags from Tim Holtz, he does these 12 days of Christmas tags every year starting on the first of December. The one from yesterday was far to busy and had to many things going on for my taste so I didn't try it. Then when I saw this tah this morning I thought "cool, this one I will try!" So here it is. I used items that I had on hand as it was so windy here today I was NOT going out for crafting supplies. Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by! Jos

Sunday, July 31, 2011

blogging from my phone.

So, I am attempting to do a blog post from my phone. I have no idea if it will work or not.
I'm also going to try to attach a photo, but that may be pushing it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is my current crafting room. It is an unfinished room that needs to be ripped down to the studs as there is 1 plug in and 1 light. The insulation has been shredded in areas by the original owners cat and is not up to code. It will hopefully be finished before Christmas, fingers crossed!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scrapbook Rooms: Rip it Up for Ribbon Challenge

Scrapbook Rooms: Rip it Up for Ribbon Challenge

Check out this awesome prize and contest! It will be loads of fun to see what everyone comes up with!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So this is my homemade supply stand that my awesome hubby made for me! My good friend Jessica (you know who you are) dropped off the lamp shade frame one evening because she knew what I wanted done with it. Some ready rod, nuts and the base from our old light in our kitchen complete the project.
He spent part of the next day thinking of ways to improve on the design. Lol. I love my hubby, he is an awesome guy!
I went to an amazing scrapbook store owned and run by some awesome woman called Something to Scrap About in Red Deer Alberta to get some sort of clips, just my luck, they just got a few packages of the clip it up clips which work perfect!
You should check this store out by visiting their FaceBook page online or in person if you are lucky enough to live near by!

Altered Epicure Jars

So this little project was my first attempt at altering an object. I did this for a challenge from
They were made using empty, clean Epicure jars and paper from a DCWV stack that I had bought over a year ago and never used. The "ribbon flower tops" were made using 2" glubbers. It was loads of fun to do and I am looking forward to altering many more items!

Gr. 2 Zoo Field Trip Name Tags

It has been awhile since I posted due to a small flood in our basement. Everything that was in the wet area was put into my craft room which is still unfinished and being used as half a storage area to begin with. So things are a wee bit cramped in there. Lol
My oldest son is in grade two this year and his class along with the other grade two class are going to the Calgary Zoo for their year end field trip. I asked the teacher if I could make name tags for the kids. I used Create a Critter cartridge from PC and my gypsy to make them. I did 3 layers with the second and third ones being drawn with my black cricut marker not cut. I then switched the marker out for the blade and cut out layer one.
I used the cricut white card stock from the 12x24 black and white paper pack. The kids will colour their name tags how they want and then they will be laminated. Once that is done, we will punch two holes to hang a string through to go around their necks.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Glubbers! Whats a Glubber you ask?.....

Do you know what a Glubber is? I didn't. Not until I went to a new scrapbooking and card making store called Something To Scrap About in Red Deer Alberta. The women showed me this cool little item and I am hooked! It is, essentially, a 2" glue dot that you wrap your ribbon around and around until you get to the edge. Voila! You have a flower made from the ribbon of your choice! I am pretty new at it so mine aren't fantastic but I did have fun making them. The gold coloured one was made with a ribbon that has this wire along both edges, I cut the ribbon in half down the center and used it with the wire facing out. The gold brad in the center was made with my iTop brad maker and gold glitter paper from Co'ordinations. the green one that has crappy folds (a skill I need to work on) is done from Close To My Heart ribbon and the button is from there as well. The blue and green ones were made with ribbon I picked up at Micheals 3 years ago.
Happy Scrappin!

Big Shot Pro, Westminister Quilters Edition

So I have been wanting to get back into quilting for awhile now. I originally stopped because my cutting skills sucked with a rotary cutter, my points never lined up so I wasn't happy with my results. Friends and family loved the quilts but I wasn't satisfied.
Then, my friend Leigh introduced me to her new toy, an Accuquilt GO fabric cutter. It is a cutter that you layer your fabric on top of your die of choice and crank it through the machine like you would a cuttle bug. When the die comes out the other end, you have perfectly cut shapes, everytime!
Now I liked her machine but wanted one bigger so I could do 10 inch squares and circles if I choose to. So I was introduced to a wonderful woman by the name of Nulagh. She is the owner of the online quilt store called Stitch in the Ditch. She is who Leigh bought her machine from. Nulagh asked me what I wanted from my machine and where it would live, ect. Basically, she walked me through what I would need to make the decision for the right machine for ME!
The Big Shot Pro, Westminster Quilters Edition from Sizzix now calls my basement home. This machine is AMAZING! I have cut 10 layers of cotton quilting fabric in one pass. Imagine this, I have a die with four-5 " squares in a row. That is 40- 5" squares in one pass! i also purchased the 2.5" strip die and the 2.5" rectangle die. I have used all 3 of them in the quilt top pictured. This has made getting back into quilting a dream. I can't thank Leigh and Nulagh enough for their help and guidance. Please check out
She carries many different machines for all types of needs as well as a huge assortment of dies! you will NOT be dissapointed!
Happy scrappin!

My happy place.

This is my happy place. My little oasis away from everyday life. It is currently unfinished and has one crappy light and one plug in. Lol. I have big plans for this room. I have a 6 foot table with a 5 foot table beside it that I use for my scrapbooking and cardmaking. They work great for these tasks. I have a little 15" t.v/d.v.d on my table that I watch movies on while working. I tend to watch weird movies while crafting. I lean towards Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick and the Resident Evil series. Not my normal viewing pleasures but hey, I enjoy them while scrappin. Lol. My cricut station is set up on a card table for now and that seems to do the trick.

Friday, May 13, 2011

So, once again it has been awhile since my last post, I am going to get better at this and maybe get some more followers. Lol.
I have been pretty busy with getting back into quilting which I haven't done in several years. I will post some pics of the projects I have been working on very soon.
I have joined a couple of new groups on FB that I thought I would share. The first is for a new scrapbook and card making store in Red Deer Alberta, The store name is Something To Scrap About. The women who own this store are amazing, fun, crafty women who have created this craftastic paradise when you walk through the front door. PLease feel free to check out their page and show them some love or pop into the store if you are in the area. You won't be dissapointed! Here is the link to their page!/pages/Something-to-Scrap-About/111927008832461
The second page that I have joined is Scrapbook Rooms. Not sure why someone hasn't done this sooner, I am getting ready to finish and organize my craft room so I am always on the hunt for organization ideas! Here is the link to that page.!/pages/Scrapbook-Rooms/183720675010463
Check them out and show them some love!
Happy Scrappin

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Check out the original scrapbox at
A workbox giveaway for Canadians!

The scrapbox

There is a wonderful scrapbooking storage unit called the scrapbox, it looks like an armoire when it is closed up. When you open the doors, that is when the creative juices start flowing! When opened, the scrapbox has a 9 foot span. It is beautiful~!
There are so many great storage compartments inside that getting everything to where you want it will take a bit. Look out though once you do.
Check them out at

Friday, February 18, 2011

Car Spec Board

This is a display board that I made for a friend of my husband. He has a car that he takes around to car shows and wanted a big board made with all of the specs and additions to what he has done to it. The wording is done in silver vinyl with the tittles done in red vinyl. The board is one of the display boards that you can get at your local Staples. He is going to be putting some Dyno sheets on the left side which is not visible in the photos.
This board took me 12 hours to cut out and weed. It was definitly one of the most time consuming projects I have ever attempted. Because of the silver letters and the black back ground, I couldn't see where I was placing them so the tape guides were useless and the lettering had to be placed free hand. That is why they aren't completly straight. I was having some issues with my transfer tape not sticking very well but am happy with how the project turned out overall.